Termite Inspection

If you are looking to buy a new home, before you commit, you should have a pre-purchase termite inspection performed by one of the highly skilled Sydney pest controllers from Pest Control Services Sydney. An inspection by one of our experienced pest controllers in Sydney will help to protect your investment or help you to avoid buying a money pit instead of a life long home.

Termite Inspection Sydney – Pest Exterminators Could Save You Thousands!

Keep in mind that very few house insurance policies cover termite damage and the repairs to a home can be extensive and expensive. If you have just purchased the home, you may not be able to borrow enough additional money to cover all of the repairs.

Let Sydney Pest Controllers Protect Your Investment

The professional Sydney pest exterminators that we will send to your home will be able to check for termite damage as well as be able to determine if the damage is new or old. A pre-purchase termite inspection by a professional pest exterminator will benefit you in several ways;

  • detect recent as well as old termite damage
  • assess your level of risk for infestation
  • give you tips on ways to reduce the chance of your home becoming infested
  • assess the species of termite that is infesting your home
  • obtains the information needed to give an accurate quote on treatment if needed
  • offers you important education about termites and their controllers


A qualified Sydney pest controller can finish a building inspection for termites in one to two hours. These pre-purchase inspections are an important tool that you can use to insure that you are purchasing the solid home that you want. A building inspection is as much for your protection as it is for your peace of mind. An inspection by Pest Control Services Sydney may not stop the termites from finding your home, but you will be armed with every possible means of prevention.

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