Pest controllers are a necessary part of life in Australia. Pest Control Services Sydney offers the best pest control service available in Sydney. We utilise our 25 years of experience to insure that you receive the best pest protection in one application.

Room infected by termites

Room infected by termites

Professional Pest Control

In order for pest controllers to offer professional services they have to undergo extensive training in their field. All of the pest controllers that are employed by Pest Control Services Sydney have been licensed and attend continuing education courses on a regular basis.

Termite Inspection

One of the most common infestations that a Sydney pest controller faces is termites. These infestations usually start in a woodpile or an shed or bush out the back of a property and then spread to your home. Termites can undermine a home’s floor supports a very short time. Having a yearly termite inspection in Sydney, particularly if you are near to the bush or packs is a must to prevent extensive damage to your home. Home repairs to replace termite damaged wood can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services Sydney is a full service team of pest controllers. We offer a wide range of services that include protection from and/or eradication of:

  • mice and rats
  • termites and termite inspection
  • cockroaches
  • ants and
  • spiders

We offer all of these services in both commercial and residential environments. No job is too big or too small for our professionals to tackle.

Contact Pest Control Services Sydney today to set up an appointment to have our professional pest controllers evaluate your home for any infestations. We offer a free, no obligation estimate. The sooner you know about a pest problem, the easier it is to eliminate.